Rhino Technology

Reinventing cleaning technology doesnt happen over night.  Years of development and research and understanding what the industry was missing, lead to our team developing the the brand Rhino technology.  With the intention to acommodate the modern person.   Technology has grown masively over the last decade and yet portable cleaning has been stagnant.  

We have dedicated mission to innovate and become the market leaders in cleaning solution for the modern-person, design to be beautiful, powerful, wirless and make your life easier.

What sets Rhino Technology apart from our competitors

  • We focus soely on cleaning tech and innovation 
  • Extreme quality controll checks to ensure each product is top performing
  • Beautiful, Powerful, Wireless. 

Following our success in the UK. We at Rhino now intend to gain global recognition.  To fulfill our goal of become the market leaders in cleaning technology.

Our main 3 products Rhino Pod, Rhino Luxe, Rhino Forte, are our premium wirless vacuum models. Our innovative technologies are engineered and developed through comprehensive consumer testing and feedback, to combat your real-life cleaning challenges.

For your peace of mind, we offer a free extended guarantee to our customer who register thier product.


Company Details:

Rhino Technology™
86-90 Paul Street London

Tel: 0203 970 0093 Email: sales@rhinotechnology.co.uk