A good handheld vacuum is characterized by its lightweight and compact size that enables you to wander in the house when it comes to cleaning. These are the best cleaner to target hairy patches you find without having to lug around a heavy upright vacuum. Mini vacuum cleaners are best for vacuuming pet hair on the stairs, bedroom and couch. It can also be used in the car to clean it deeply. The best part is they are cordless and inexpensive. It makes them more useful around the house and in the automobile. 

The factor that makes the Handheld vacuum best for Pet Hair


You can buy a hand vacuum for pet hair which is easy to hold for at least a few minutes at a time. You can choose the one that has an ergonomic handle so that it can comfortably grasp and operate while vacuuming. 


The main aim of a mini vacuum for dog hair is versatility. You must opt for the one which is lightweight and fit comfortably in your hand while looking for a vacuum. They work for a longer period of time. Rhino Luxe is a cordless and lightweight design that makes it easy to use and hold. 

Battery Life of Handheld vacuums for Pet Hair

You need to pay special attention to the battery life of the cordless pet hair mini vacuum cleaner unless you buy a corded hand vacuum. They don't really last long on a charge. It is because most handheld vacuum cleaners are compact. The portable vacuum cleaners run out rapidly and you need to recharge them which is obviously inconvenient for you. The feature of the best handheld vacuum for pet hair consists of replaceable batteries that enable you to clean for a longer time without any hassle. 

Suction Power

A vacuum having poor suction power is of no use while cleaning up the pet hair. If you are looking for the best hand vacuum for pets, make sure it has powerful suction power. Rhino Luxe cordless vacuum comes with a 7.2V/2600mAh battery and a run time of 180 mins. 


Most handheld mini pet hair vacuum cleaners do not have a sophisticated HEPA filter. These filters capture most of the pollen, dust mites, pet dander and various microscopic airborne particles. You need to find a hand vacuum for pet hair that has filtration so that you can not recirculate these particles back into the air every time you turn on the vacuum.

How much suction strength is required for pet hair?

You need a vacuum with Input DC 5V/2A (USB 2.0)and Output Power 80W. It will be easy to vacuum pet hair. You can check Rhino technology handheld vacuum comes with a high-performance 80W motor. It helps in providing powerful suction power for daily cleaning. 

Can pet hair damage the handheld vacuum cleaner?

Absolutely No! It is recommended for pet owners to maintain their vacuum cleaners regularly. It might be possible that pet hair tangle itself around rollers, wheels and snapping belts. Due to pet dander, filters and hoses become clogged. Also, pet dander can trigger allergies. It is best to replace it and clean the filter regularly. 

What is the longest run time of a handheld vacuum?

It depends on the model that you are trying to purchase. A cordless model like Rhino Luxe is the best mini Handheld vacuum for pet hair with the greatest battery life. It will last long up to 180mins. It makes sure you deep clean for the longest time.

Wrap up!

This Mini vacuum for pet hair is not the cheapest on the market. It is only a vacuum cleaner that effectively removes the pet hair. You can spend extra dollars upfront on this model to keep your house clean instead of buying a cheap vacuum that will last only three months.