Don't know where to put the vacuum cleaner due to a lack of space in your home? Do you have a heavy vacuum cleaner that is taking up a lot of space? Or maybe you have free space but you are constantly figuring out the better place for your mini hand vacuum cleaner. Despite the prevailing situation, having a cluttered home is a total pain for everyone.

Vacuum cleaner and storage go hand in hand

Most people think that mess is created by our sheer laziness. It is not true. One of the reasons behind the mess is the lack of space that creates a messy home. The storage problem is because of the result of limited space and so many things at your home. The right kind of storage makes it possible to keep the house organised, neat and orderliness. Even if you have a small living space, there are various ways through which you can maximise the efficiency of storage. It is going to be a tricky process. Although, that one thing that helps to keep the house clean on time is the most neglected thing when it comes to storage. Yes, it is about vacuum cleaners. Mostly, storing the items is a little difficult and awkward. Thus, you need to find the perfect storage solution for these mini handheld vacuum cordless cleaners. 

4 top tips to store vacuum cleaners to occupy less space


Most homes have at least one underused closet that could be under the stairs, in the pantry or in the guest room. It can be converted into a storage space to keep a vacuum cleaner there. You just have to make little adjustments and add some railings and hooks. 

Laundry area or kitchen pantry

If you are one of those who keep things tidy and usually use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning purposes, you need to keep it handy so that it is accessible. No need to create a separate close as the laundry room or pantry is already enclosed. In addition to this, keeping vacuums in these locations makes sense from a logical standpoint in terms of vacuuming the environment. Most importantly, you begin from one point of the home and finish at the other end. Thus, it is better to start vacuuming from the laundry rooms or kitchen area because mostly it is located near the entrance of the room.

Hooks and Hardboard 

If there is unused or underused wall space in your house, it can be used as storage space for your mini handheld vacuum cleaner. You only need a perforated hardboard and hooks to create this DIY project. Hooks are beneficial to hold and support the heaviest of upright vacuum cleaners. Additionally, make sure you test the strength of the hooks to secure everything perfectly. 


It is always a last resort option to own a garage or have access to one. The garage is very useful to store mini hand vacuum cleaners. In fact, shop owners also keep them in the garage. It does not occupy much space. It is a cordless vacuum cleaner. Thus, you do not have to deal with extra accessories and wires. Although, if you own an attached garage, then this is the more realistic option to keep the vacuum cleaner. 

Things you must consider while deciding on the storage space for the vacuum cleaner

There are fewer storage options in any home. You need to think innovatively to make a difference. Below are the main factors that you must consider while deciding the storage:

 Layout and space in the home

Most homes consist of the kitchen area, bathroom area, bedroom area, living rooms, hallway and a garage (maybe). Now you have to decide which of these areas in your home have the right space you are looking for. 

 Size of the vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners come in various shapes, sizes and types. You have to select the one that fits your cabinet or closet area. Either buy a cleaner that stores the space accordingly. 

 How regular do you are using a vacuum cleaner?

how often do you use a vacuum cleaner? Daily, weekly, bi-weekly or less often? The use of vacuum cleaners has a great impact on the amount of storage space it will need.