A clean house gives a pleasant vibe. To get a clean house, it is essential to clean the dust and dirt accumulated at home. This is where the vacuum cleaner plays a key role in cleaning the house. It is easy to handle and helps in removing the dirt in minutes. 

A vacuum cleaner helps in reaching difficult places. The vacuum comes in different models and varied price ranges. Each vacuum has different powers and functions. To know about the need of the home and which model can be better adapted, you need to check the below-mentioned tips that help to decide which vacuum cleaner is ideal for your home. Have a look!

Types of vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner has four types of models:

  1. Handheld vacuum cleaner: Mini-handheld vacuum cleaner is an ultra-compact model which is an ideal solution to clean small places. It is lightweight and easy to clean upholstery and automobiles. It is also an ideal solution to clean pet hair. You can easily get rid of them. 
  1. Traditional Vacuum: This model is apt to clean the floor. It consists of wheels that help the device with displacement. It comes in different sizes. The smaller one is lightweight and easy to use. Although, the smaller model has a smaller container for dirt which is necessary to clean more frequently.
  1. Vertical Vacuum: It is lightweight and easy to handle. It has wheels that promote cleaning. The model looks like a broom and it has an option to convert into a handheld vacuum.
  1. Robot vacuum cleaner: It comes in a round shape and can be programmed to vacuum the space automatically. It has built-in wheels and has little storage capacity. Above the four mentioned vacuum cleaners, the mini hand vacuum cleaner is more in demand due to its size and features.

To vacuum the space where you live

First, it is extremely important to analyze the type of dirt in your home. For instance, if you live in a coastal area, there must be sand in your home. Before buying the vacuum, you must ensure that sand does not damage the device. The best solution is to buy a mini vacuum handheld cleaner with a specific capacity. 

Storage capacity of the cleaner

It is extremely important to check the storage capacity of the cleaner. It shows the ideal model to buy. For instance, if you have a small room in the house, a model like a handheld vacuum might be the right option for you. It is important to pay attention to the capacity of the product when you are buying it.

A vacuum cleaner with additional features and functions

The only model with a function of vacuuming dust along with water or any kind of spillage is a mini vacuum cleaner. This cleaner can easily suck the water or spillage and help the surface to unclog. This vacuum cleaner helps to clean the hard-to-reach corners so that it can protect the place and furniture from damage. 

Choose the device with HEPA filters

HEPA filters are differentiated filters. It is developed with the feature to retain up to 99 per cent of the dust, small particles and mites. It is an ideal solution for the one who is allergic to dust and has pets and carpets in their home. Additionally, this filter helps to minimise odours. It is suitable for those who have pets. 

The potency of the product

The potency of the product considers the frequency of use of the product. If you need to clean the home constantly, a powerful vacuum cleaner will speed up and facilitate this process, If there is little frequency of use, a medium frequency vacuum fulfils your need. The suction power is measured in watts. 

Size of the power cord

Vacuum cleaners come with a power cord. It is at least three meters long. Vertical vacuum, mini hand vacuum and robot vacuum have a rechargeable battery. Vertical and robot vacuum are costly and bigger in size, whereas handheld mini vacuum is handy and small in size.

Clean the vacuum regularly

Just as it is important to keep the house clean, so is the importance of cleaning the vacuum cleaner. It requires regular maintenance so that it lasts long. It is important to clean the filters as indicated in the device manual. 

It is advisable not to clean the vacuum until it reaches its maximum power. This increases the energy consumption and damages the device. You need to follow the cleaning instructions indicated in the manual.