If the exterior and interior of the car are not properly maintained, it can worsen the appearance of the vehicle and may not be able to protect the passengers. Thus, you must choose your products carefully. When it comes to the maintenance of the interior of the car, a small handheld car vacuum device is what you need the most. 

If you are cleaning a car with a vacuum, you need a high-quality cleaner for this. If you are considering a second-hand car vacuum, ensure that it is of a reputable brand and performs high standards. There are so many cleaners available in the market. These vacuums are not only different in design but also possess different features and functions. 

In this article, we are mentioning important features that you must take into consideration while choosing the right machine for your car. In this article, we will also cover the key features of the Rhino Luxe vacuum that make it the best choice for a car vacuum.

Factors you must consider while choosing a car vacuum

A. Weight and Size of the machine

When choosing a vacuum, the main feature you should always look for is its weight. It is easy to use and operates as a small handheld vacuum cleaner. Although, due to its small size, the motor will also be small and less powerful. Thus, you need to decide which of the two factors you should be looking for and which are more important to you. In addition to this, these vacuums are compact, lightweight, portable and have an ergonomic design. Rhino Luxe has a size of 7.4 x 31.8cm and o.6kg weight. Choose the one that has required sucking and motor power and if it works proficiently, buy that mini vacuum cleaner for the car.

B. Cordless Vacuum

If you are looking for a mini hand vacuum for a car, look for the one which does not have a cord. The drawback of a cordless vacuum is that you need to charge it whenever you want to use it. There are some machines in the market whose battery runs out really fast. Although, lithium iron batteries can work for at least 30-40 minutes and this is sufficient time to clean the car. Rhino Luxe vacuum is not only small and lightweight in size but it also has a great battery backup. It required 180mins to get charged.  Choose the one that is handy and makes a suitable place inside the car.

C. Motor Power 

The efficiency is directly dependent on the suction power of motor power. Rhino Luxe has a battery of 7.2V/2600mAh.The maximum power consumption occurs between 1200W to 2400W. It is not possible to adjust the power in every vacuum. Some of them do not contain this feature. This mini cordless car vacuum cleaner only operates at maximum.

D. Suction Power

Rhino luxe has the ability of the vacuum to collect dust. crumbs, dust, and dirt in less time. Suction power is directly proportional to the cleaning efficiency. High suction power and its cleaning efficiency are equally high. It has an output power of 80W. The suction power is not only dependent on motor power. There are so many car vacuum models in the market that have smaller motor power. It will consume less electricity but have high suction power. 

E. Noise Level

The noise level depends on the design. Power and quality are also the aspects that decide the construction of the vacuum. Engine noise maximises when the engine fails. If the noise level increases, it will also decrease the engine quality of the machine. The quieter models have a long life. The normal noise range of the cleaners occurs between 54DB to 85 DB. The noise level of rhino luxe is <75dB. 


There are countless models available in the market. They have a different shave, prices and features. Before deciding on the right model, make sure you know how often you are going to use the model and what qualities you want in the device. if you want to clean quickly and want more free time, just schedule an appointment with Rhino technologies.