The elimination of contaminating agents in the home, which may have an impact on the members of the family's health, is one of the primary goals of the cleaning duties.

When we sweep, for instance, one of our goals is to get rid of the dust and debris that can cause illness, but is this actually what we accomplish?

According to the experts from Rhino technology, the answer is no. It is recommended that you use a vacuum cleaner instead of a broom because a broom does not remove dust completely and can contribute to the development of allergic reactions. The professional then provides us with the following six  arguments as to why it is preferable to use a vacuum cleaner rather than a broom:

Time saving 

When compared to the time required by the broom, the time required by the mini vacuum cleaner is five times less. You may complete the activity that would take the broom 15 minutes to complete in just three minutes, which frees up seventy-five percent of the time that you would normally spend cleaning to do anything else.

The performance

In contrast, the vacuum cleaner may remove up to 99% of the dust and contaminants from the air, while the broom will always leave behind some residue.

Health Care

The broom moves the dust and the mites it contains, but the vacuum cleaner just picks up the dust without coming into direct contact with it. This plays a role in the prevention of allergic reactions and respiratory illnesses.


When held for an extended period of time, the broom's excessive size in comparison to the average height of a person causes the user's back to round forward. The mini vacuum cleaner, for its part, is an ergonomic equipment since it may be outfitted with attachments that lengthen the hose, so allowing for a better working posture.

Obtaining Access to Capability

Brooms, despite their ability to access hard-to-reach locations, are not effective at cleaning cracks or tight corners. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner is the winner in terms of accessing capability because it is effective at sucking out dirt from cracks and crevices. This makes the vacuum cleaner the clear choice.

Quality of the Air Within

When using a broom, dust and dirt particles are kicked up into the air, which can aggravate allergy sufferers and cause other types of health problems. On the other hand, vacuum cleaners typically come equipped with sophisticated filtration systems or HEPA filters that are designed to capture even the tiniest dirt particles and prevent them from being released into the surrounding air. They are able to preserve the high quality of the air within this way.


The new Rhino Luxe vacuum cleaners contain a number of different compartments, which vary depending on the model, for storing dust and preventing it from coming into direct contact with the cleaner. In addition, each one of them is outfitted with a HEPA filter, which is a characteristic that enables the filtering of even the tiniest particles, absorbing up to 99% of the powder, and is especially developed for people who suffer from allergies, as it will prevent sneezing and discomfort while cleaning.

Wrap up!

There are no extra costs for using a broom, but it is recommended that you buy a new one every two months for the best cleaning results.

When it comes to handheld vacuum cleaners you will need to spend more money on either extra dust bags if you have a bagged vacuum or specialized attachments if you want to be able to clean more things.

In addition, the power source might be either electricity or batteries, depending on the model. Therefore, you will need to purchase new batteries when the old ones run out, or if you are using a vacuum cleaner that has an electric motor, you will have to spend a higher amount for your monthly power bills.