The people who have it can't imagine their lives without it. When you have kids or pets, handheld vacuum cleaner is a must-have. Is it important to you to know why and which model of vaccum cleaner to get?

Because it is so convenient, quick, and light, a portable vacuum cleaner should be a staple in your home. In addition to picking up crumbs, sand, animal hair, dust, etc. from tight or inaccessible spaces, it also takes up very little room in your home.

Uses for a Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Clean all cabinets by vacuuming

It is not always simple to clean out drawers. Drawer cleaning becomes more of a hassle and a burden if there are lots of implements stashed away inside. The bright side is that there are choices you may make to lessen the strain of this endeavor.

Carrying a mini hand vacuum is one option. Get rid of any dust or grime that may have settled in the drawer by using a long and thin nozzle. It's particularly helpful in the kitchen, where things like dry goods and seasonings may easily fall through the cracks.

Pet Beds

You can and probably should have some say in how tidy pet bedding stay. Keep in mind that hair is an animal's insulation, and that they use it to mark their resting places. Your bed will stay free of hair as long as you use a hand vacuum to remove them.

The car's interior

The portable handheld vacuum cleaner is convenient since it may be used in any location, including a moving vehicle. Furthermore, handheld vacuum cleaners are effective at thoroughly removing dirt from automobile interiors. The upholstery will look brand new with little to no work on your part. As an added bonus, it effectively extracts ground-in dirt from rugs and couches.

Retrieve items

Do you feel like you're groping around in the dark for a lost earring? Finding lost little items can be aided greatly by using a handheld vacuum. Wrap the nozzle of the vacuum with an old sock or piece of fabric to do this. Activate the vacuum and search the place you think you may have dropped the item. Sticking to the nozzle if there is even a slight incline in the ground.

End caps, side boards, doors etc.

It's easy to overlook dusting and mopping the skirting boards, corners, doors, and ceilings when cleaning the main living areas of a home. To get around this issue, just use a mini vacuum. There is no requirement for reaching up or stooping. For a more thorough cleaning, invest in a long-hose attachment for your handheld vacuum.

Ducts for air circulation and ventilation

Additionally, dirt can accumulate in the spaces between the vents. Quickly get rid of the dust by using the hand vacuum. From the keyboard to the hair dryer, you can vacuum it all up. Some electronic equipment won't become hot enough to malfunction if this is the case.

Take away the mattress and wash it

They put a lot of stress on the mattress because of how long they spend sleeping. Using a mini hand vacuum cleaner is an easy way to maintain a clean and fresh-smelling mattress. The solution is as easy as taking off the bedsheets and sprinkling baking soda on top of the uncovered mattresses. Then give it a few minutes to act and go for the stars.

Which handheld vacuum cleaner should you buy?

It's not as simple as picking a model at random; there are a number of factors to think about. Some people are dirtier than others, the house's intended purpose, or the sort of residence you live in all play a role in your final decision. In any event, we'll run over the essentials for you to consider before purchasing a handheld vacuum.

You must compare the following features:

Power: From 60W to 100W is the range of maximum power.

Duration of use of the battery: A good duration is 25-30 minutes, while 15-minute versions are also prevalent.

Period of Recharging: A maximum of 5 hours is acceptable.

Filters: Most allergens are not captured by the washable ones, but they are inexpensive. HEPA filters are so effective because they can filter out even the tiniest allergens and particles. Then there's the layered variety.

Directed head: Manufactured to have a narrow spout and collect trash in a focused manner.

Cleaning-tank: Simple to open and clean without touching the grime.

Weight: To be easily manageable, it shouldn't weigh more than 1.5 kilograms at the most.

Extras: various nozzles for capturing specific sorts of grime or cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

Pet owning: Pick a model that has more suction power and the features you need.

If you have kids or dogs, this is a must-have. In spite of needing a cable to recharge, their cordless design makes them convenient for a variety of cleaning tasks, including washing the car.