We mostly work eight hours a day and it is obvious that our keyboards get dirty. So, to keep the keyboard free of dust, gunk, crumbs, you will need to clean it with the best keyboard vacuum cleaner. There’s a step-by-step guide to help you disinfect and clean your dirty keyboards with the right mini handheld vacuum cleaner. 

How to Keep Your keyboard Clean?

Thanks to technological advancement, vacuum cleaners have evolved greatly that instead of only cleaning floors, they can now serve cleaning computers and Laptops keyboard too.

We use laptops regularly and it is normal for dirt to accumulate. The way to clean the dirt and debris that is set in under the keys you tap is by using the keyboard vacuum cleaner. The Rhino-Luxe mini handheld vacuum cleaner is excellent for removing dirt and dry particles from the keyboard.

Mini Vacuum Cleaner: A Handy Tool To Keep

A keyboard vacuum is an excellent tool that can help you disinfect and clean the keys of all accumulated dirt, debris, food crumbs, pet hairs etc. In addition, it can increase the durability of the device. It can suck up bacteria, ants, and cockroaches as well! The Rhino Luxe- vacuum cleaner brush is best for cleaning as with its tiny hose, it can get between and underneath the keys. Also, this mini handheld vacuum cleaner is easy to use, affordable, durable, portable, and cordless and can prevent you from spending on new keyboards in quick desperation.

A small handheld vacuum are mostly made of cheap material and is not solid enough to suck up all dust. The rhino Luxe mini handheld vacuum cleaner is lightweight, yet solid enough to move around and the middle part are usually split to give air to the filter. In addition, you can use it on other things like bookshelves, desks, carpets, cars, and other complex furniture pieces as well.

Features of a Mini Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

As there’s a marked difference between a typical vacuum cleaner and a mini handheld vacuum cleaner, the features of mini handheld vacuum cleaners also vary in the different brands. The differences can be size, battery, detachable or attached mini brush, a USB cable, an elastic rubber, warranty, an instructions manual, and warranty certificate. 

 A mini handheld vacuum cleaner typically comes with a standard-setting. To use the Rhino-Luxe, you need to remove the lid and press the silver button of the vacuum. The 3 lights indicate the current charging of this vacuum cleaner. You can also attach any of the included nozzles and crevises which are included within the box for keyboard cleaning. After vacuuming, remember to empty the vacuum by twisting the head of this vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning the Keyboard: Steps and Precautions

It's good to vacuum the keyboards regularly without waiting to get them dirty. First of all, shut off the laptop and then remove any attached cables and accessories to avoid any damage. 

Then, place a cleaning rag underneath keyboard to collect any dirt or debris. And, lift the keyboard to one side to tilt it and shake it lightly to get any loose stuff stuck inside the keys. Now use Rhino Luxe mini handheld vacuum to clean and disinfect the keyboard. It will suck all the dirt, pet hairs, crumbs, and debris. In the next step, sprinkle water on a cloth and wipe keys to disinfect it. It is simple, safe, and easy to clean and store this vacuum cleaner. 

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