The sofa is the most comfortable and attractive piece for sitting. It is used actively in hotels, homes, offices, etc. Things that are used actively also get stains, dusted, and fade. Therefore to keep your furniture always look attractive and clean you need to clean it regularly. Now you must be wondering, how to clean it. Don’t worry, modern appliances are now affordable and have amazing features that will help you to clean them easily. In this article, we will tell you how to clean the sofa with a mini vacuum cleaner properly, so as not to damage the ups and downs.

What you need

A mini vacuum cleaner is suitable for dry cleaning the sofa from dust and gives it a fresh look. However, it depends on which type of vacuum cleaner you choose. If you choose a quality device, it will help to clean even small dust particles such as dust mites, animal fur, and much more. If you get a power mini vacuum cleaner device such as rhino forte, rhino luxe, rhino pod-mini, dust will be extracted from the depths of the filler.

  •  A mini vacuum cleaner with special nozzles is used to clean sofas with different uppers.
  • A mini vacuum cleaner simple nozzle for soft furniture like sofas and chairs without bristles removes dust properly.
  • A short nozzle of mini vacuum cleaner for mattresses and rugs designed specially to suck dust from even deep layers.
  • Some mini vacuum cleaner models have a special nozzle which is helpful in removing even animal wool with small bristles.
  • Generally, mini vacuum cleaners have a padding of smooth materials which prevent your soft furniture from any damage. For example, your leather chair can be easily cleaned with an in-built brush nozzle of a mini vacuum cleaner which is small, with long soft bristles.

In order not only to remove the dust but also to update the color of the upholstery, it is best to use a cleaning vacuum cleaner. It will also help you remove stains from the sofa. It helps in completely eliminating the dust from it.

For such cleaning, it is necessary to use a special tool like a mini vacuum cleaner for soft furniture. It is recommended to use it properly after reading its instructions.

Step-by-step instruction for using Mini-Vacuum Cleaner

We will not recommend you to use a wash vacuum cleaner if the upholstery of your sofa is made of silk, velour, or velvet. Because moisture can destroy the color and quality of the sofa. Remember to follow some basic guidelines before using a mini vacuum cleaner

  • For cleaning soft upholstery, you should only use a special nozzle with soft bristles.
  • Click movement in one direction.
  • And, clean at minimal capacity.

 If there are stains on the upholstery of your sofa or chair, you should remove them with your hand first. Then use a mini vacuum cleaner to clean your sofa deeply, dry clean it, and let your cleaner suck its dust.

  1. Put the device on minimum power.
  2. Start cleaning it in the same direction with a mini vacuum cleaner.
  3. After cleaning your furniture, disassemble and clean your device.
  4. Collect the dust from the dust cup then clean and dry it.


A mini vacuum cleaner is the best device that can be handled and used easily. It’s a portable device, you can carry it easily. Moreover, it is a quick source of cleaning. Not only the sofa, but it can also clean many things such as kitchen accessories, cars, etc. Most importantly mini vacuum cleaners are affordable. For more information regarding vacuum cleaners, you can contact rhino technology freely.