Many families with pets are thinking about how to choose a vacuum cleaner for an apartment with pets. For all families, the appearance of a pet at home is a joy. But you have to keep in mind that more problems are also added with it. This applies not only to caring for furry pets but also to cleaning the house, as more wool, dirt, and dust accumulates, various spots appear. It is not always possible to clean them completely. Also, day-to-day cleaning with water is too difficult, and getting rid of the villi doesn't always work, you need to choose a  mini handheld vacuum cleaner that can handle wool.

Features of Choosing A Vacuum cleaner

If you need to choose a vacuum cleaner, it is recommended to follow several rules. The main criteria are the following:

  • Type of Cleaning;
  • Power
  • Filtering.

Cleaning Type

Before choosing any model of vacuum cleaner, you need to find out for what you will going to use the vacuum cleaner. In addition, it will be necessary to consider what type of coating of the floor on the surface.

If there are small children in the house, use a mini handheld vacuum cleaner that does dry cleaning deeply. It collects all dust and dirt in a dust collector. Such a device will cost much more affordable than other options. In addition, you can have several nozzles with different settings that will help you clean various surfaces, even in the most inaccessible places.

For specific rooms, The Rhino Luxe mini vacuum cleaner allows you to not only remove pet hairs, crumbs, dust, and dirt but uniquely it is one of the only mini vacuums which is capable of vacuuming water and liquids for unwanted spills with fewer efforts and time. It can clean hard-to-reach places, to remove pet hairs as well as dust not only on a smooth floor but also on shag rugs.

The main selection criterion is precisely the power of the equipment, since usually with pets at home the level of pollution is much higher. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner should be chosen with great power, so that it is vacuumed by several bristles.

A special filter was created by Rhino Technology for mini handheld vacuum cleaner apartments and homes where furry pets live. It traps all the small particles of dirt and dust too.

Living things leave behind a lot of dirt. And this applies not only to wool but also to various stitches. For this reason, it is best to choose vacuums that are handheld. These vacuum cleaners can greatly facilitate the process of eliminating pollution.

In addition, the equipment must have special nozzles that will help to clean various types of surfaces: furniture, rugs, linoleum, windows, cars, etc.

Basic Tips to Clean With Vacuum Cleaner

No matter what surface you're cleaning or which model you use for vacuuming pet hair.  Below mentioned are six vacuuming tips that you should always keep in mind: 

Take your time

Quick isn't always effective it’s better to use the best cordless vacuum cleaner to clean even hard-to-reach places.

Vacuum often

It is necessary to clean pet hairs from the carpet, furniture of your home as well as from car. Carpet cleaning should be done at least twice a week to keep it clean. Using a mini vacuum for pet hair can also clean, dirt, dust easily and effectively which will also save you time. 

Work from top to bottom

If you have noticed you may know that dust falls from higher surfaces while you vacuum them, so start at the top and finish at the bottom. 

Use an empty, fully charged vacuum 

Most vacuums work better when fully charged and the dust container is empty.

Use the right tool for the job 

You might ignore accessories but they should be used to serve the genuine purpose for which they are designed.

Maintenance is essential

If you want your vacuum to work well for longer, you should clean it too. Check out our guide for the handheld vacuum cleaner inside the box. 


To sum it all up, a good vacuum cleaner should be very powerful and have special nozzles. It will be good if you choose a cordless, portable vacuum cleaner such as Rhino-Luxe to clean pet hairs. This will help get rid of dust and pet hairs that are left after pets.