We've all felt that familiar twinge of anxiety and sudden adrenaline surge, whether it was twenty yards down the road or twenty days into your round-the-world trip. You try to recall seeing, hearing, or otherwise sensing yourself turning the key before leaving, but nothing comes to mind. Rather, you have a vague image of frantically patting your pockets and looking for your phone and wallet right before you leave the house. You'll have to come to a grinding halt at best to double-check the door before continuing on. At worst, you accept the reality that your house has become a hangout for scads of raccoons and people who stay up all night. Smart locks, however, have made this worry unnecessary. Though that's not all a smart lock system can do for you.

What Exactly Is A Smart Lock?

Adding a smart door lock to the lineup of other voice-activated home assistants like Amazon's Alexa and Google Home is the next logical step towards building the smart homes of the future. Simply put, it's a wireless electronic lock that communicates with your smartphone via the Z-Wave protocol, allowing you to lock and unlock it from afar. For the technically inclined, this is a communications protocol based on mesh network topology intended for use in home automation; it employs low-energy radio waves to convey information between appliances while maintaining security.

Z-Wave is a wireless networking standard that operates similarly to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi but has superior range, power efficiency, and safety features. Smart locks provide safety for your home by using a digital cryptographic key code instead of traditional keys. Thanks to a function called geofencing, this technology can also be programmed to unlock the door for you when it detects you are nearing home.

What about the safety of smart locks?

As smart digital door lock have become more widely available in the United States, there has been some discussion about the products' security. So, let's take a look at the weaknesses and security features of smart locks to see if they're a better bet than traditional locks for keeping unwanted visitors out of your home.


Digital smart locks are hackable, unlike the traditional nuts and bolts locks we're used to. That doesn't make them defenseless, though. There were holes in earlier models that used Bluetooth, but newer devices, like our favorite smart lock, use the more secure Z-Wave protocol to prevent unauthorised access.

Altering Electronics

If someone were to steal your phone or sneakily use it, it's possible that they could compromise your smart lock by adjusting the settings while you weren't looking. However, smartphone makers are incorporating more complex verification controls like fingerprint scanners, longer passcodes, and facial recognition to increase the security of their products and reduce the likelihood that your device will be compromised. Those who are wary of smart locks but interested in installing one on their front door should enable two-factor authentication on their mobile device.

Managing Entry Into A Premises

There is no way to control who has a key to your home or when they might decide to use it if you use a conventional lock. Secure your home by limiting access to only those who need it with the help of a digital door lock. To further restrict who can enter your house, you can designate specific days and times for access.

Remote control

When used in tandem with a smart doorbell, this technology allows you to see who's at your door from afar and even let them in without being there. Ideal for providing access to your home for the dog sitter while you are at work or away.


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