Fleas are annoying insects that have a major effect on your health. If they attack your home, it is very hard to get rid of these irritating creatures. It is quite impossible to get rid of them. 

In this article, we will explain how often to vacuum for fleas and how to get rid of fleas using a mini hand vacuum cleaner.

Let's dive in!

What are the fleas?

Fleas are considered tiny parasites. They survive on blood. These parasites cause discomfort and irritation. It is a challenging task to get rid of these creatures once they start growing in your home. This is the reason why it is extremely important to get rid of fleas as soon as you find them.

How do these fleas come to your house?

These fleas make their way into your house by sticking onto wildlife animals like feral, cats, rodents etc. Some animals enter yards with these parasites, fleas get stuck to these pets who might roam or play outside. 

That means, your pet can unknowingly pick up fleas. You must know that animals act as hosts for fleas as fleas survive on hosts. These fleas also infest humans, beddings, carpets and upholstery. Catching fleas can also be very difficult.

How often do you need to vacuum your house to clean fleas?

Mini hand vacuum cleaner ensures that there are no fleas left in your home. Although, fleas grow in three different stages. It is very difficult to get rid of them in one shot. Thus, it is best to clear the space before getting rid of fleas completely. 

You need to vacuum the place every week to avoid the fleas so that it doesn't infest your home. The best idea to get rid of fleas is to vacuum the house every day for at least fourteen days. You need to focus on places where your pets spend more than half of their time.

Make sure you don't forget to vacuum the furniture and carpets. Next, you have to seal the vacuum bag properly and throw it out.

How long does it take to vacuum for fleas?

It takes 17 to 27 days for the flea to complete the three stages of maturity. When you are done vacuuming for fleas, it is necessary to keep vacuuming for the next three to nine weeks. This makes sure that flea infestation ends readily. 

There is a thumb rule for vacuuming. It is advised to vacuum the space daily at least for a period of three to nine months. This will gives you the best results. It is mandatory to keep the pets, carpets and furniture clean at all times. 


Mini handheld vacuum cleaners have brushes that are involved in killing flea eggs. Also, it sucks up the adult fleas. In addition to this, it will help if you had various rounds of vacuum cleaning for many days to get rid of these fleas. It is an effective and efficient way of sucking up adult fleas and makes the house free from these fleas. If you are done with vacuuming, do not forget to clean the vacuum cleaner. It is also necessary to clean the mini vacuum cleaner as well. 

However, vacuum cleaning will not resolve your issue completely. It is the most efficient and toxic-free process of preventing fleas from entering your house.