When it comes to sweeping floors, everyone has their own technique, but which one is the most effective and efficient? When it comes to eliminating scraps from the floor, you can accomplish this task successfully using either conventional cleaning methods or handheld vacuum cleaners. However, the ease of use and convenience that vacuum cleaners provide are the primary factors that contribute to their popularity among customers. On both wet and dry hardwood floors, numerous individuals utilize various types of vacuum cleaners. 

Before determining which model of vacuum cleaner to purchase for your house, you may look over a list of the available options and examine the functions that each model possesses. If you're on the market for a new vacuum, you could find yourself wondering whether or not a broom might better serve your purposes. It is obvious that a broom will not have the features of a vacuum cleaner, which can have many helpful high-end accessories, but with the manual option, you will still be able to achieve a thorough cleaning. You can also get under furniture and into narrow spaces, both of which are difficult or impossible for a conventional vacuum to access. It is important to weigh the benefits of using a broom vs a vacuum cleaner, particularly if you have flooring made of a hard surface.

The age-old debate over whether or not you should buy a mini vacuum cleaner or a broom to clean your house is still going strong. Both can, without a doubt, do the job of preventing dirt from getting on the floors; the question is, which one is a better investment? Which of these is more efficient? In order to assist you in making a decision, let's compare and contrast brooms and vacuum cleaners.

To rid the home of potentially harmful pollutants that could have an impact on the health of the family is one of the most important goals of cleaning chores.When we sweep, for instance, we try to get rid of the dust and residues that can lead to illness, but is that really what we accomplish?

Because the broom does not remove dust completely and because dust can play a role in the development of allergies, it is recommended that you use a mini hand vacuum cleaner instead. The expert then gives us four reasons why it's better to use a vacuum than a broom:

Time saving

The work can be completed with the vacuum cleaner in a fraction of the time that it would take with the broom. You may do the task that would take the broom 15 minutes to complete in just three, giving you back 80% of the time that you normally spend cleaning so that you can focus on something else.


A thorough cleaning cannot be achieved with a broom since it always leaves some residue behind, but the mini vacuum cleaner can remove up to 99% of the dust and contaminants in the air.

Health care

The broom is more effective at removing dust and the mites it harbors than the vacuum cleaner, which only absorbs the dust and does not come into close touch with it. Because of this, the prevalence of allergic reactions and respiratory ailments goes down.


When held for an extended period of time, the disproportionate size of the broom in comparison to the average height of a person causes the user to develop a hunched back posture. The vacuum cleaner, for its part, is an ergonomic equipment because it comes with attachments that stretch the hose. This allows for a better posture when using the vacuum cleaner.

Wrap up!

The newly designed Rhino Luxe vacuum cleaner come with a variety of storage compartments that prevent dust from coming into direct touch with the person doing the cleaning. In addition, each one of them is equipped with a HEPA filter, which is a feature that allows for the filtering of even the smallest particles, absorbing up to 99%. 9% of dust, and was developed specifically for people who suffer from allergies because it will prevent sneezing and discomfort while cleaning.