The vacuum cleaner is best to remove the dust and dirt from carpets, office sofas, kitchens, cars, blinds, and office desks. If you have mini vacuum cleaners then it is used to capture messes.

For most of your cleaning needs, you can use a Rhino-Forte vacuum cleaner that is crafted for cleaning Cars, Blinds, Sofas, Office desks, Computers, and kitchens. In this article, we will discuss six surprising uses for your vacuum cleaner's action all around the house.

Capture Excess Pet Hair

A mini vacuum cleaner's job is to gather all the pet hair that sticks to rugs and tumbling in the corners. You can also use it to vacuum your pet's bedding and remove pet hair from bedspreads and quilts before you wash them in the washing machine. You may know the importance of cleaning a pet’s hair because excess hair in washing machines can clog, fail water pumps, and may create leakage issues.

Exert Insect Control

According to a study, frequent vacuuming can kill 96 percent of fleas in a home. A mini vacuum is a great way to remove dust mites and dirt from mattresses. A crevice tool is also a great way to capture spiders or mosquitoes gathered in ceiling corners.

Reduce Indoor Allergens

Use the crevice tool of the vacuum cleaner between the outdoor screens and window panes. It will accumulate allergens by vacuuming regularly. You can also use the dust brush to vacuum door and window screens to remove dust as well as pollen from there.

Recover Small Items

If you have mistakenly dropped some small items like accessories such as nails, screws, earrings behind a hard to move furniture. You can use a vacuum cleaner by attaching a piece of old pantyhose over the end of the crevice tool with a rubber band to grab it. You can suction your item from the vacuum as it will trap it against the mesh so you can make a recovery.

Trap Dust Before It Spreads

You will get a vacuum dusting brush attachment with your vacuum cleaner which will help you to trap dust on light fixtures, blinds, lampshades, books, and even leaves of plants.  If you want to do any additional cleaning, the mini hand vacuum cleaner is best. Removing dust also prevents streaks and smears from it.

Clean Kitchen Appliances

Your mini vacuum cleaner may not help you to clean out the refrigerator but it can help you in the kitchen.  Below are some ideas and tips you can use to clean your kitchen.

Additional Tip:- ALWAYS unplug the appliance first before starting cleaning anything connected to the wires.

  • Use the mini vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the corners of the refrigerator condenser and coils. This will let your refrigerator work more effectively and keep temperatures colder.
  • With a vacuum crevice tool, you can decrumb the spaces between appliances and countertops. It will keep crumbs under control and help prevent insect infestations.
  • You can also use it to clean toaster ovens. It will effectively remove crumbs from toaster ovens. Before using it, you should unplug toaster ovens.
  • After running an automatic oven cleaning cycle, use the mini vacuum to properly remove any ashy residue from it.


Mini vacuum cleaner is the best way to clean and remove dust particles from rugs, corners, and appliances. You can use it at your home, office easily and effectively. It is surprising but this mini vacuum cleaner is beneficial for capturing excess pet hair, insect control, cleaning car dust, kitchen appliances, etc.  You can choose your multi-functional vacuum cleaners like Rhino luxe, rhino-Pod and rhino- forte Mini according to your need. Go check our collection for mini vacuum cleaners to choose yours. For more information regarding mini vacuum cleaners, you can contact us freely.