A cube has 8 sides, and your room has even more. That is when we think of vacuuming because you probably have a lot of furniture, decoration, and material for finishing your home. So, stop here and start cleaning these forgotten places with a mini handheld Vacuum Cleaner.

1. Top of the cabinet, doors, paintings

When you are cleaning, take the time to look up. You may see more dirt than you thought possible. Most of us while cleaning, tend to ignore things that are out of our sight. Regularly clean the tops of door frames, kitchen and high storage cabinets, picture frames, and ceiling corners. Mini-hand vacuum cleaner such as Rhino- Luxe is perfect for cleaning all hard-to-reach places also they have handy attachments for these places. 

2. Ventilation grilles

If your home has central heating or air, there is the piping that connects the system to the living areas of your home. If the air returning to the system is not filtered to capture dust and pollen particles, they simply blowback into the living space. You will breathe easier due to this decrease in dust.

Through a mini handheld vacuum cleaner, it will be easy to thoroughly clean the filters and vents on windows.

3. Vacuum cleaners and accessories

If your cleaning supplies are dirty, you may just scatter the dirt around. When was the last time you took a good look at your mini vacuum cleaner?

Of course, you empty the reservoir or throw the disposable bag in the trash. But the reservoir should be thoroughly washed and cleaned about every month. Most can be washed in hot soapy water and dried in the open air. There are probably filters in your appliance that also need to be washed or replaced. Check the rotating rods and brushes and remove any threads or hair. You get better cleaning results and less dust.

All brushes should be cleaned with hot water and disinfectant after each use.

4. Closet floors

It's easy to see when a closet needs to be cleaned up. The clothes are crammed together, everything is piled high, and when the door is opened the things fall out.

Do you remember when you cleaned the closet including the floor? Closet floors - especially if they are carpeted - can become very dusty and dirty from the outside due to the soil brought in by the shoes. The carpet can become a breeding ground for mould and insects such as carpet beetles that then eat on your favourite clothes.

In any case, pull everything out of the cupboards every season and give the room a thorough cleaning. It's also the perfect time to throw out all those things you don't really need and put the rest away properly.

Your mini handheld vacuum cleaner will help you clean all the dirt, dust, and pet hairs from all the corners.

5. Around furniture

If you look under a bed or sofa, there is often dust around that can be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner. But have you ever taken the time to look at the bottom of the piece of furniture? You will be amazed at what clings to bed frames, chair seats, and table brackets.

Use your mini vacuum cleaner at least twice a year to remove cobwebs, dust, and other debris. If you cannot properly clean around your furniture with your current vacuum cleaner, it may be an idea to buy a  Rhino’s Luxe handheld vacuum. These are smaller and therefore easier to vacuum in hard-to-reach places!

6. Indoor Plants

Whether your houseplants are real or silk, they can collect an amazing amount of dust. Most living plants will be happy with a periodic shower. If they are too big to move, use a mini handheld vacuum cleaner to clean them. 

Silk plants can also be "dusted" with a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean the dirt and dust.

Final Words:-

The mini handheld vacuum cleaner is best to clean dust, dirt, pet hairs, etc from hard-to-reach places. Especially the areas which you leave while regular cleaning of your home, office, kitchen, car, etc. For more information regarding the best vacuum cleaner, use of a mini handheld vacuum cleaner, you can contact us freely.