Introducing the Rhino Luxe, an imposing, stylish, yet remarkably lightweight vacuum that is engineered to effortlessly clear your home or car of crumbs, dust, and cobwebs. Among the few small vacuums that can effectively suction water and liquids to deal with unforeseen spills, the meticulously engineered Rhino Luxe micro vacuum cleaner stands out for its exceptional performance in removing dirt and debris. 

Wave farewell to the hassle of juggling various cleaning tools—this multipurpose gadget provides all-encompassing cleaning solutions in one stylish package. When it comes to keeping clean on the road, the Rhino Luxe is head and shoulders above the competition because of its innovative features and powerful performance.

After being named best mini cordless vacuum by multiple publications, Rhino Luxe is clearly the way to go. The tiny design with a soft-touch comfort handle sets it apart from competitors, adding to its renown for unsurpassed convenience and lightweight build. This handheld vacuum revolutionizes cleaning with its long-lasting battery life and powerful suction. Its stylish and visually beautiful design further establishes it as the pinnacle of contemporary vacuums. With its innovative design and user-friendly features, this mini vacuum is the next generation of portable cleaning appliances.

What can you use the Rhino luxe for? 


Clean the inside of your vehicle effortlessly, including the floor mats, seats, and other hard-to-reach places, of dirt, crumbs, and other detritus.


Get into all the nooks and crannies of the house and vacuum the floors, carpets, and upholstery.


Keep blinds clean and help keep indoor air quality up with an effective dust and grime remover.


To keep homes clean and reduce allergens, vacuum up pet hair and dander from upholstery, rugs, and bedding.

Electronic devices: 

Remove dust and debris from keyboards, monitors, and other electronic devices in a safe manner.

Powerful suction for removing bed bugs and mites: 

Create a clean space by using the powerful suction to get rid of bedbugs and mites on furniture, carpets, and beds.

Vacuum liquid spills: 

Prevent stains and damage by quickly and thoroughly cleaning up liquid spills on different surfaces.

Kitchen Counters: 

For a clean and healthy kitchen, it's important to keep surfaces free of crumbs, spills, and other dirt.

About the Product 

With dimensions of 7.4 x 31.8 cm and a weight of 0.6 kg, model number Luxe-024, provides effective and compact cleaning. This mini hand vacuum runs quietly at less than 75 dB and has a volume of up to 140 ml, all thanks to its 7.2V/2600mAh battery. Through a DC 5V/2A input (USB 2.0), the charging process takes 180 minutes. Its 80W of power makes short work of grime and other detritus. With its one-year manufacturer's guarantee, this vacuum promises dependable performance and the ease of everyday cleaning. It is available in Silver or Space Grey.


User Friendly: 

Users of all ages and abilities will have no trouble operating the device because of its ergonomic design and user-friendly controls.

Compact Size: 

Ideal for tight quarters or while you're on the move, its compact and lightweight design makes it a breeze to store and transport.

Powerful Suction: 

It has a powerful suction force and a high-performance motor, so it can pick up dust, trash, and even tiny particles with ease.

Cordless Cleaner: 

The lack of a cord makes it easy to clean anywhere you like without worrying about finding an electrical outlet, giving you more freedom and convenience.

Perfect for Your Car or House: 

Multipurpose and adaptable enough to clean a wide range of surfaces, including those in cars and homes.

Vacuum Water and Liquids: 

With its ability to absorb water and other liquids, this mini hand vacuum cleaner is perfect for quickly and easily cleaning up any unforeseen mess that may arise.

Conforms to CE/RoHS regulations: 

Gives customers confidence in the product's durability and longevity by meeting or exceeding CE and RoHS requirements for safety, quality, and environmental friendliness.

How to use it?

This vacuum comes with a charging cord and an instruction manual already attached. Just take it out of the packaging and look for the instructions. To start the vacuum, take the cover off and push the silver button on top. You can see the current charge level by the three lights. The integrated crevice tools and nozzles give you the freedom to personalize your cleaning experience. Remember to rotate the head to release the contents of the vacuum after you've finished cleaning your target area, and then tighten it securely. If you follow these instructions, you'll be able to use your vacuum cleaner efficiently.

Wrap up

No matter where you are or what you're cleaning, the Rhino Luxe Vacuum, the best mini handheld vacuum cleaner, will make short work of it. It changes the game when it comes to cleaning up spills and grime because of its small size, strong suction, and flexible characteristics. With this mini vacuum, cleaning will no longer be a chore.