The advancement of technology has made many aspects of human life easier to access. Suddenly, you can do things like turn off lights, lock doors, and more by using voice commands, smartphone apps, and smart locks. In a well-lit home, the door opens as soon as you approach and locks securely behind you. It's more fun to decorate your new home than to put in place security measures. But considering that a burglary takes place once every 30 seconds, keeping your home safe should be a top priority.

When your house is secure, you can go back to having fun. Include hidden cameras in your garage and house, check the digital door lock  on the doors and windows, install a security system, clear out potential hiding spots, automate as much of your home as possible, etc. 

Lock the entrances: Check the door frames, hinges, and mail slots on all of your outside doors to make sure they are secure and no one can get in by reaching through the mail slot.

When moving into a previously occupied home, it's a good idea to change the locks. You can rest easy knowing that no strangers have access to your home and that you have the best locks available.

We propose the following quick upgrades to secure these vital entrances.

Smart door locks should have smart locks installed.

Install high-tech, keyless locks.

A video doorbell can do a lot for your safety and peace of mind.

Secure the windows: Doors and windows are common entry points for thieves. Locks on windows from the factory aren't always secure and can be flimsy. Add locks or key-operated switches for added security if you don't like the look of your window locks. 

Here are some more ideas for preventing break-ins through your windows.

Protective film applied to windows to make them stronger.

Put in glass/window break detectors.

Plant thorny bushes in the ground-floor window wells.

House Automation: Security is a key differentiator if you're thinking about upgrading your regular home to a smart one. Through home automation, you can remotely manage safety features like lights, door locks, security cameras, and smoke alarms. You can get immediate notifications of any suspicious behaviour, giving you ample time to take appropriate action in the event of an attack.

Some of our favourite home automation security measures are detailed below.

Put the lights on a timer to turn on and off while you're away.

Use a doorbell that can communicate in two ways to deter would-be burglars from targeting your home.

You will receive a live video feed whenever someone approaches your block.

The status of a smoke or CO alarm, and the ability to silence nuisance beeps, can be monitored and controlled remotely.

Safeguarding the Garage: More and more frequently, thieves are gaining access to homes through garages. They may not be able to break into your house, but they may find plenty of valuables in the garage. Always remember to close and lock the garage door, whether you're inside or outside.

It's also a good idea to keep your garage door opener inside the house. In this way, it will be impossible for a thief to steal it from your car. If your garage has a smart home door lock with security code, don't share it with anyone (including delivery people, neighbours, etc.).

Here are a few more basic suggestions for securing your garage.

Put in a new garage door opener that uses smart technology.

Close the blinds or curtains to keep the goods safe inside.

Add extra locks to your garage doors for added security.

Home automation means you'll never forget to close the garage door again.

Mount surveillance cameras: You've probably read or seen reports about criminals who were apprehended after being filmed. Home security cameras can prevent crime and help catch those responsible. Both complete home security systems and individual surveillance cameras are available for purchase.

Here are a few more must-haves that we offer:

Detection of movement

Night Vision

Wi-Fi connectivity

For outdoor cameras, weatherproof housing is available, etc.

Eliminate potential hiding spots: Trees and shrubs enhance the aesthetic value of a property, but they also present a potential security risk. If you are installing a smart digital door lock, get rid of any hiding places, like trees or bushes, near your house. Use dwarf varieties of flowers and shrubs instead. If trees are in the way of your windows, cut them down or install bars.

Keep in mind that the exterior of your home as a whole needs attention. If you want to keep your information safe, follow these guidelines.

All sheds, gates, and other outbuildings need to have their locks changed.

Don't put expensive items out where they can be seen by potential thieves.

Security signs and stickers should be used even in the absence of a security system.


Homeowners who want to increase the safety of their dwellings and garages are increasingly turning to smart locks. Digital door lock made possible by technological developments like keyless entry and remote access and monitoring capabilities, are both convenient and easy to use. Rhino Luxe have best smart locks for home that allow homeowners to monitor and control access to their property from anywhere, which can be a deterrent against burglars and intruders. To ensure the security of their homes and garages in 2023, homeowners are strongly encouraged to think about purchasing smart locks.