In the present era of digital advancements, technology has brought about remarkable changes in our lives. It has not only made our daily routines more convenient but has also significantly improved our safety. With the capability to remotely manage our homes through voice commands, smartphone apps, and best smart door locks, we now have an unmatched level of control over our living spaces. It has been found that a burglary takes place every 30 seconds in the United States. Hence, safeguarding our homes must be a top priority.

Giving Priority to Home Security

Before fully embracing the benefits of smart technology in your home, it's vital to ensure your safety. Here are some essential steps to boost your home security:

Safeguarding the Door Security

The front door is often the initial target for burglars. It has been seen that 34% of them choose this entry point. You must inspect all exterior doors. Verify that door frames are sturdy, hinges are secure, and mail slots cannot be tampered with. If you've moved into a previously occupied residence, replace the door locks to eliminate the risk of unknown individuals having access to your property. 

Consider these quick upgrades:

Install Smart Locks: Enhance security by upgrading to smart door locks.

Video Doorbell: Increase security by using a video doorbell system to see and communicate with visitors.

Reinforcing Window Protection

Windows are another common point of entry for burglars. Traditional window locks may not always provide reliable security. Enhance your window safety by adding locks or key-operated switches. 

Consider these additional measures:

Window Security Film: Strengthen your window glass with security film.

Window or Glass Break Sensors: Install sensors that detect glass breakage.

Window Bars: These physical barriers offer an extra layer of protection.

Thorny Shrubs: Plant prickly shrubs near first-floor windows to discourage potential intruders.

Harnessing Home Automation

Turning your home into a smart home not only offers convenience but can also significantly boost security. Utilize technology to remotely control lights, door locks, security cameras, and alarms. This enables you to receive real-time alerts about suspicious activities, facilitating swift responses to potential threats. 

Here are some home automation security tips:

Scheduled Lighting: When away on vacation, schedule lights to create the illusion of an occupied home.

Smart Doorbell: Use a smart doorbell with two-way communication to deter doorstep robbers.

Video Surveillance: Receive live video feeds on your smartphone when motion is detected on your property.

Remote Monitoring: Keep an eye on smoke or CO alarms and deactivate false alerts from your smartphone.

Safeguarding Your Garage

Garage entrances have become increasingly attractive to criminals seeking access to your home or valuable items stored in the garage. Secure all garage doors, both interior and exterior. Keep your garage door opener inside your home to prevent theft. If you use a security code for access, keep it confidential. 

Additional garage security measures include:

Smart Garage Door Opener: Replace your old opener with a smart garage door opener for added security.

Window Coverings: Cover garage windows to conceal the contents.

Extra Locks: Install additional digital door locks on garage doors.

Home Automation: Integrate your garage door into your home automation system to prevent leaving it open accidentally.

Incorporating Security Cameras

Security cameras have proven to be effective deterrents and tools for identifying criminals. You can either integrate them into a comprehensive home security system or purchase standalone cameras. 

Consider these camera features:

Motion Detection: Cameras equipped with motion detection can capture suspicious activity.

Night Vision: Ensure your cameras have night vision capabilities for continuous surveillance.

Wi-Fi Connectivity: Wireless cameras offer flexibility in placement.

Weatherproof Housing: Opt for models with weatherproof housing for outdoor cameras to withstand the elements.

Eliminating Hiding Spots

While trees and shrubs enhance your home's aesthetics, they can also provide hiding spots for burglars. Remove plants near your home that could offer cover and consider using smaller, less concealing vegetation. 

Pay attention to other exterior areas as well:

Secure Tools and Ladders: Store ladders and stools inside to prevent unauthorized entry.

Lock Exterior Structures: Ensure gates, sheds, and other structures are securely locked.

Conceal Valuables: Avoid leaving valuable items in your yard that might attract burglars.

Security Signage: Even without a security system, displaying signs and stickers can deter potential intruders.

Embracing Smart Security for Peace of Mind

By implementing these security measures, including smart technology, you can safeguard your home and garage from potential threats and theft. Never underestimate the value of a simple smart digital door lock. Strengthening your home security allows you to fully enjoy the benefits of modern technology while ensuring your safety and peace of mind.